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Our Bike Hire Pricing

At Tweed Valley Bike Hire, we offer a range of high-quality bikes to suit every rider's needs. Our rental options include hardtail bikes, premium hardtails, full suspension bikes, premium full suspension bikes, full suspension e-bikes, premium full suspension e-bikes and kids' bikes.

Our hardtail bike rental starts at £35, offering excellent value for beginners or families looking to ride the Green and Blue loops. Our Premium hardtails give you a more capable bike, ready to tackle the challenging Red or Black trails.

Our full suspension bike rental starts from £65 per day, providing a comfortable and capable ride for tackling the most challenging trails. If you're looking for the ultimate mountain biking experience, our premium full suspension bike rental starts at £85 per day, offering the latest in high-end technology and design.

For those who want to explore the trails with an extra boost, our full-suspension e-bike rental starts at £95, providing an effortless and enjoyable ride. Our Premium full-suspension lightweight e-bikes are the pinnacle of super-light e-bike technology; assistance without the extra weight.

And for the little ones, our kid's bike rental costs just £20 per day, with lightweight 20" and 24" mountain bikes for endless trail fun.

No matter what bike you choose, our rental prices include helmets. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will be on hand to set-up the bike and provide guidance and support to ensure you have the best possible experience on the trails.

  • Hardtail Hire £35 / per day
  • Premium Hardtail Hire £45 / per day
  • Full Suspension Hire From £65 / per day
  • Premium Full Suspension Hire £85 / per day
  • Full Suspension E-bike Hire £95-105 / per day
  • Premium Full Suspension E-bike Hire £120 / per day
  • Kids' Hire (16-24 inch wheels) £20 / per day
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