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Whether you need a mid-ride rescue or a full overhaul, our team of experienced mechanics is on hand to keep your bike running smoothly. Our high-quality service is focused on professionalism and efficiency to get you back rolling as quickly as possible. We offer different levels of service depending on the work required:

On-the-Spot Servicing

Brakes failed on Spooky Wood? Chain snapped on Redemption Climb? Puncture on Berm Baby Berm? We handle a wide range of quick repair jobs on a first-come-first-served basis; we’ll take your bike, assess the problem and find a solution while you get a coffee or a sandwich from the cafe.

Bronze Service

The Bronze Service is like a checkup. We make sure everything is running properly and tune it up if necessary, inspect for damage, and point out anything that could cause an issue when riding. Depending on how much you use your bike, a service like this would be suitable every 3 - 6 months. If your bike has been in storage for a long time, or has been ridden a lot, you should consider a Silver or Gold service. A Bronze Service includes:

  • Full safety check
  • Frame inspected for damage and wear
  • Fork aligned & secured
  • Gears adjusted for smooth operation
  • Brakes adjusted for optimal operation
  • Chain checked for wear & lubricated
  • Drivetrain inspection for wear & damage
  • Wheel & tyre inspection

Silver Service

Our Silver Service is our most popular service package. Here, you get everything in the Bronze package, plus a full Brake & Gear service. We will inspect, tune and replace parts (if necessary) in this service so your bike is in perfect working order. Depending on how much you use your bike, this service would be suitable roughly every 6 months to a year. A Silver Service includes:

  • All Bronze Service items
  • Full bike inspection & report
  • Brake cables checked for stretch and wear or hoses checked for wear & tear
  • Brake pad condition checked & pads replaced if required
  • Braking surfaces checked & cleaned, & rotors straightened where required
  • Brake cables replaced where required or brake system bled or topped up as necessary
  • Full brake calliper alignment, setup and adjustment
  • Gear cables & chain checked for wear and replaced as required
  • Derailleurs removed from bike, cleaned, re-fitted & lubricated
  • Gears set up & tuned
  • Cassette, chainset & bottom bracket inspected & tested. Components removed & replaced if required. (There may be an additional charge for bottom bracket replacement)

Gold Service

Our Gold Service is the full package. A full strip down of your bike, with components cleaned and re-assembled, replaced if necessary, and put back together in perfect working order. You get everything included in the Silver Service, plus a Frame & Wheel service which ensures every part of your bike is carefully considered for perfect operation. A Gold Service is usually required every 1 to 2 years depending on the amount of use your bike gets. A Gold Service includes:

  • All Silver Service items
  • Frame & fork checked for alignment (where possible)
  • Fork removed, headset wiped down, bearings checked & lubricated or replaced as required
  • Bottom bracket removed, bearings checked & lubricated or replaced as required
  • Frame cleaned and inspected for any signs of damage
  • Swing arm bearings checked for play & freedom of movement
  • Wheels removed, inspected and cleaned
  • Hubs stripped, bearings checked, cleaned, greased or replaced where required
  • Wheel alignment & spoke tension checked and adjusted
  • Broken spokes replaced where necessary
  • Tyres checked & inspected for damage and wear
  • Tyres replaced if required
  • Free 6-week check-up