Freeride Park Info

Grade: Orange Bike Park
Distance: N/A
Singletrack: 100%
Best to park at: Buzzards Nest carpark
Estimated Time To Ride The Route: Depends how long you stay there!

The Freeride park at Glentress is for those riders wishing to push their skill levels and have fun in the air and on the ground, riding a huge number of different obsticals. You’ll find a great mixture of jumps, tabletops, drop-offs, wall rides, skinnys, and a huge fun box for you to play on. Most riders will stop and ride certain sections of the park (known as sessioning) rather than simply riding the trails top to bottom. Sessioning is encouraged, but please use the designated push-up paths rather than walking up the trail itself. To get to the top of the Park you can either push up the designated paths which will take 5-10 mins, or you can ride up the forest road which loops round the left hand side of the park. Doing the former will allow you to check out the various features on the way up.

You don’t have to be a riding god to enjoy the freeride park. Most of the features can be rolled. For the drops and jumps that can’t be rolled there are alternative routes down.