Black Route Info

Grade: Black – Severe
Distance: 29Km
Singletrack: 75%
Best to park at: Glentress Peel Visitor Centre carpark
Estimated Time To Ride The Route: 3 – 5 hrs

The Glentress Black Route is a long, technical ride that includes epic climbing and thrilling descending. The route starts from the Hub Car Park, climbing up on the same forest road and singletrack trail that’s used by the Red route. The trail splits from the red route shortly after the Buzzard’s Nest Car Park.
The black route takes you up to the highest point at Glentress at Dunslair Heights, with fantastic views over the surrounding area.

The black route also encorporates the most technically demanding pieces of trail Glentress has to offer, called (rather appropriately) “The Bitch” and “The Worm Hole”. The Bitch is very steep and rocky and has some tight turns that will test your bike control and nerve. The Worm Hole has an intimidating rock step entry and its dark confines are twisting and slippery. All but the very best riders will have to dab a foot down here at least once!