The Tweed Valley is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Scotland and is regarded as one of the best places for mountain biking in the UK.

There are trails to suit all ages and abilities, from first timers to experienced riders, everyone should find something to suit their needs. Trails are graded according to their respective level of difficulty, in much the same way as ski runs for all those familiar with winter sports. Below is a summary of the grading system used at Glentress and Innerleithen.

Trails Explained

Green: Easy

Suitable for: Complete beginners with good health, and basic bike skills. Most types of bike can be used.

Trails: Relatively flat and wide.

Blue: Moderate

Suitable for: Riders in good health with basic off-road riding skills. Suitable for basic mountain bikes.

Trails: Some singletrack sections, and obstacles with rocks and roots.

Red: Difficult

Suitable for: Proficient mountain bikers, with good off-road riding skills and fitness. Good mountain bikes recommended.

Trails: Challenging climbs, tricky descents & technical features such as drop-off’s and large rocks.

Black: Severe

Suitable for: Expert mountain bikers with high level of fitness. Good quality off-road mountain bikes recommended.

Trails: Greater challenge & difficulty. Tougher, longer climbs and descents. Expect large & unavoidable sections of trail with jumps, drop-off’s and rock features.