Sweet Protection at Glentress

Norwegian brand Sweet Protection is now available at our Glentress store. The name might not be familiar to us mountain bikers, but Sweet Protection have been making protective gear for kayaking, and skiing for many years. It kind of reminds us a bit of their Scandinavian counterparts POC, who up until a couple years ago, weren't a name most riders would have heard of, and now their products are a common sight on UK trails.

We have Sweet Protections Hunter shorts and Mud Ride jerseys in stock, along with their award winning (and well named!) Bearsuit knee and elbow pads. Shorts and jerseys are £80 and £60 respectively, while the knee and elbow pads are £80 and £70.

Already fast becoming a favourite among our staff, the Sweet Protection products are well thought out premium items, that combine great design with quality materials and construction. Don't just take our word for it though! Check out the images below along with reviews from MBR and Singletrack Magazines.

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