Go-Ape at Glentress!

As many Glentress regulars will have noticed, Go-Ape, the tree-top adventure folk, have opened a new Forest Adventure Course in Glentress Forest.

Alpine Bikes have teamed up with Go-Ape to offer each of our customers an exclusive 25% discount until the end of November 2012! So if you hire a bike from Alpine Bikes, you will get 25% off your booking with Go-Ape, and if you Go-Ape, you will get 25% off adult and kids bike hire! A win-win deal!

If you have never heard about Go-Ape then here's a wee bit about them;

Go Ape is the UK's No.1 Forest Adventure.

Take to the trees and speed down zip slides. They’re part of an exciting course of rope bridges, Tarzan swings and crossings; all set high above the forest floor.

Days out at Go Ape are about living life more adventurously, having fun with friends and family and getting in touch with your inner Tarzan (he’s in there, we promise).

Can I Go Ape?
Minimum Age - 10yrs
Minimum Height - 1.4m (4ft7")
Maximum weight - 20.5 stones (130kg)

Check them out online at goape.co.uk