Glentress Trail Conditions Update April 5th

With Glentress having been covered in snow for the last few weeks, and with it now being Easter and everyone wanting to get out on their bikes, we have been taking a number of enquiries asking about trail conditions at Glentress and Innerleithen. All 7stanes trails at both locations remain open, as do both of our stores. The weather has been getting a little warmer over the past few days and this has seen some of the snow and ice begin to melt from lower level trails. Such was the amount of snow that has come down, it will take a lot longer to shift from higher level routes. Long range weather forecast is predicting that we should start to see a return to something more like normal temperatures early next week which will really start to get rid of the snow.

Armed with a camera we set off to assess conditions at Glentress this morning, Friday 5th April.


Glentress: Lower level trails are now all ride-able and largely clear of snow/ice. The climb up Falla Brae is clear apart from a couple of rapidly melting snowy sections. Once higher up onto the Cardie Hill climb heading towards the Freeride Park, things get a little more tricky with large snowy/icy sections, but these can be walked round. As the Freeride Park is fairly open in terms of tree cover, most of the trails are rideable, though there are drifts of snow where it has collected in some of the berms. All trails beyond the Freeride Park are snow covered and more challenging to ride. Skills Loop and green trail aren't reccomended for a few more days, as they are very icy where snow has compacted down. Red and Black trails beyond Freeride Park are deep in snow, and require a fair bit of pushing. Drifts are knee deep in many places on these trails.
Heading back down from the Freeride Park, the upper section of Electric Blue is snowy but ride-able, as the tree cover has prevented the packed down snow from turning to ice. once you reach the bridge where the trail crosses over the outward route up Cardie Hill, the snow quickly disappears. The remainder of the Blue run down Electric Blue, Good Game and The Admiral are all clear of snow. If taking the red/black descent down Falla Brae, there are some snowy patches in areas where tree cover is more dense, but like the top section of Electric Blue, it is all ride-able.

Innerleithen: With tree cover being generally more dense on the lower trails here, than at Glentress, and the fact that Innerleithen generally sees less traffic, means that the trails here have a fair bit more snow on them. The DH trails are all snow covered and pretty tricky. Caddon Bank and the DH run Make or Brake are the only runs with less snow cover, thanks largely to the fact that they are more open than most other trails. The middle and upper sections of the red XC route are snow covered, with big drifts on the upper parts, which will require carrying or pushing your bike.

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